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Daily Rant

Is web design an art, trade or both? tell me what you think

Atlanta Road Warriors

Have fun

America's new home of sprawl and road rage enjoy:

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First Day of school nervousness


I took some of the markup from DesignCreek02 and made up my own. I made some new graphics and tried to keep the size down as much as possible. I used mostly VI,bluefish,topstyle, and note pad. This is my first submission. The image came from I just got a mustang and it needs washing so I made up this site. does not make much sense but hey what does? If you use this for public works please email me I want to see how this is used! I would also like a link back once I get my website up and running.

16 Fill their faces with dishonor,
That people may search for your name, O Jehovah.

17 O may they be ashamed and be disturbed for all times,
And may they become abashed and perish;
18 That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah,
You alone are the Most High over all the earth.

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First Day of school nervousness


Highlights from psalms

If you want to be perfect, go sell your belongings and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven, and come be my follower.—Matt. 19:21. invenire interpretaris mei.

1 The superlative song, which is Sol′o·mon’s: 2 “May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your expressions of endearment are better than wine. 3 For fragrance your oils are good. Like an oil that is poured out is your name. That is why maidens themselves have loved you. 4 Draw me with you; let us run. The king has brought me into his interior rooms! Do let us be joyful and rejoice in you. Do let us mention your expressions of endearment more than wine. Deservedly they have loved you. 5 “A black girl I am, but comely, O YOU daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Ke′dar, [yet] like the tent cloths of Sol′o·mon. 6 Do not YOU look at me because I am swarthy, because the sun has caught sight of me. The sons of my own mother grew angry with me; they appointed me the keeper of the vineyards, [although] my vineyard, one that was mine, I did not keep. 7 “Do tell me, O you whom my soul has loved, where you do shepherding, where you make the flock lie down at midday. Just why should I become like a woman wrapped in mourning among the droves of your partners?” 8 “If you do not know for yourself, O you most beautiful one among women, go out yourself in the footprints of the flock and pasture your kids of the goats alongside the tabernacles of the shepherds.” 9 “To a mare of mine in the chariots of Phar′aoh I have li1560.viped you, O girl companion of mine. 10 Your cheeks are comely among the hair braids, your neck in a string of beads. 11 Circlets of gold we shall make for you, along with studs of silver.” 12 “As long as the king is at his round table my own spi1560.vipard has given out its fragrance. 13 As a bag of myrrh my dear one is to me; between my breasts he will spend the night. 14 As a cluster of henna my dear one is to me, among the vineyards of En-ge′di.” 15 “Look! You are beautiful, O girl companion of mine. Look! You are beautiful. Your eyes are [those of] doves.” 16 “Look! You are beautiful, my dear one, also pleasant. Our divan also is one of foliage. 17 The beams of our grand house are cedars, our rafters juniper trees.

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